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Personal Branding vs. Headshots

I have been getting this question alot, what is the difference between a personal branding session and getting headshots, which of the two is suitable for me. While they are both useful for branding, they have distinctive features and key areas that they are each more suitable for. It is important to understand the differences between the two before deciding if personal branding photography or a headshot is more suitable for your needs.

Difference between personal branding and headshot photography

  1. Headshots: As the name implies, headshots are great for when you are introducing yourself or a team to your business. This style of photo could also be used for job searching or for social media sites such as LinkedIn. Headshots are usually focused on the shoulder upwards. It also has the subject looking directly at the camera from a tilted point. This type of photography is more formal and does not involve props.

  1. Personal Branding: While headshots are perfect when your goal is to simply introduce someone, personal branding photography is needed when your goal is to attract ideal clients and develop deeper connections. Personal Branding photos are often taken with products and props, as well as, portray the type of service you provide. A good brand photo says a lot about the business and is more likely to attract clients. During a branding session you will have different outfits in different locations, you can use different pictures on each of these advertising mediums.

Which is right for you, personal branding, or headshot photography?

There are a few factors to consider when trying to choose between personal branding photography and a headshot for your business.

  • What do you need them for?

Depending on your business needs, you would have a motive for getting professional photography. If you need them for a website, for example, you might decide to choose a personal branding photo because this usually comprises banner image styles. A headshot might get lost on the website and not look as appealing. But for social media pages where thumbnail images are required, a headshot would be perfect. An about us section of your website might also require professional headshots.

Your type of business could also determine what type of photography to use for branding. If you are into real estate where you need to create lots of flyers, banners, and posters, you should consider having personal branding photos to sell yourself better.

  • Cost

Depending on your financial capacity, headshots might be cheaper for you than personal branding photos. It takes lesser time, does not require multiple locations and different outfits and styles.

When should you have personal branding or headshot photography session?

If you are launching a business, introducing a new product or service, maybe just simply rebranding, you should have a professional photographer take good personal branding photos or headshots of you. There is never a bad time to sell yourself.

Now that you know the difference between a Personal Brand Session and a Headshot, check out my previous blog: 5 Tips to Having a Successful Branding Session.

Branding & Portrait Photographer

Tahirah Waldron

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