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5 Tips To Having a Successful Branding Photo Session

5 Tips To Having a Successful Branding Photo Session

It’s no longer news that a good brand photo could make all the difference in the success of your brand. You are a visual representation of your brand, and you should put your best foot forward. When it comes to getting the perfect photo that suits your business profile, a lot of things need to be critically considered. The little details matter in branding whether the photo is going to be put on social media, your website, or an online ad. Here are 5 tips to consider for a successful brand photoshoot.

1. Brand Identity: How do you want customers to see you and your brand? Ideally, you should have a vision/mood board with written goals and a collage of images for motivation. This helps you know what exactly you want to achieve and creates inspiration for your photo session. The intent of the photoshoot is the foundation for its outcome. Once you answer the WHY, everything becomes easier to plan.

2. Plan your outfits: Your choice of outfit is a very crucial part of your photo session. After establishing your brand identity, the next steps will be to put together outfit that perfectly passes the message. The outfit would usually be determined by the theme of the photo session which is a factor of your vision board. Everything from clothes to shoes and accessories should be properly picked and should resonate with the brand’s identity.

3. Hair and Makeup: Next thing to critically consider, just after you pick your clothing is your makeup. Make sure to get a good makeup artist with a reputation to deliver clean face beats. Having the right clothes being spoiled by mediocre makeup is not something you want to risk. You should let the makeup artist know what kind of look you are trying to achieve, in line with your photo session idea.

4. Location: The background of your photo shoot is a good determinant of the overall product. If you are working with a good photographer, this should be a no-brainer. Based on your branding objectives, you should with your photograph to determine the ideal location for good visual communication. Consider logistics when choosing your location and If you opt for an outdoor shoot, be very prepared for the weather condition.

5. Have a Shot List: A shot list is simply a checklist of specific image shots and references in terms of angles and lighting. This aids the planning of the photoshoot and makes it pretty for a photographer to work with a client. Most photographers will have a shot list and communicate it to their customers so that they are on the same page. It makes the photo session spot-on and articulate.

A few more additional tips will be to include people and props in your photo session. This can make all the difference in terms of visual appeal. Props especially are a great way to add life and vibes to a photo. Be careful not to go overboard with it as this can have a counter-effect. If you’re seeking to nail your next branding photo session, be sure to take full cognizance of the above tips.

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